General Information

The Construction Industry Skill Card (CISC) is intended to improve and maintain the highest standards in the construction industry. In the current climate of skills shortages, the CISC will strive to improve quality standards, health and safety practices and employment conditions.

CISC is to be the recognised registration scheme for the construction industry in Malta.  This scheme will be introduced this year. After a five year transition period, it is proposed that the CISC will become mandatory for all public procurement contracts and cardholders will be requested to update their card on a regular basis (every 5 years), after having completed an up-to date Health and Safety awareness certificate as well as a CPD course in the particular trade covering innovations in the trade during the previous five years.
The first trades to be hosted by this scheme are plumbers, assistant electricians, decorators and tile layers. There has always been a demand for workers in the construction industry to be given formal recognition for the skills which they have acquired over the years, through apprenticeship with contractors. The BICC feels that the CISC will help address this issue.
It is our belief that the Construction Industry Scheme will significantly reduce the number of accidents associated with the industry, curb unfair competition, give security to recipients of such services that the service provider does indeed have the capability of providing such services. Workers within this industry will be incentivised to upgrade, modernize and develop their services to meet future challenges. Holders of the CISC will also have their skill recognised in other EU countries.
The industry, as a whole, thus stands to gain favourably from such a scheme. The scheme intends to deliver training that reflects best practice and industry guidance.
Hon. Charles Buhagiar B.E. & A. (Hons)., A. & C.E., M.P.
Executive Chairman