BICC Executive Board is responsible for the administration of the Council. It is set up as per Article 5 of the Statute and is composed by the Executive Chairman of BICC, a representative from the Lands Division, a representative from the BICC Council and each coordinator of the five working group.​


BICC Advisory Council (BICC)

The BICC was set up on the 3rd November 1997 by Parliamentary Resolution 74 of the same year. Its objectives are to provide a forum to discuss the problems and issues related to the building construction sector, and to advise the Government and the private sector on ways for upgrading and monitoring the building industry.

BICC is also committed to stimulate research and to develop activities important to Malta’s economic and ecological features.

The BICC forum consists of 25 stakeholders within the sector. There are members who are Regulators, Educational Institutions, Employers, Workers’ representatives through unions, Developers, Financial Institutions, and the Professionals.

To function better the BICC has 5 Working Groups which are: Education, Training, Classification and Registration; Property Market; Regeneration of Property; Research and Innovation; and Building Regulations and EU Directives; each working group has its own coordinator. Besides there are other ad-hoc committees such as the Eurocode Technical Team, The Skill-Card team; and the Comfort in the home team.

Advisory Board

The underneath was published in government gazette no. 20,918 on 6th September 2022. These appointments are valid for a period of three years as from 6th September 2022.

Executive Chairperson
Perit Charles Buhagiar

The Energy and Water Agency
Inġ. Charles Buttigieg as representative

Building and Construction Agency
Mr Martin Farrugia as representative

Lands Authority
Mr Carmel Camilleri as representative

Malta Competition and Consumer Affairs Authority
Inġ. Ingrid Borg as representative

Housing Authority
Perit Sandra Magro as representative

Occupational Health and Safety Authority
Perit Charlie Farrugia as representative

Planning Authority
Perit Joseph Scalpello as representative

Ministry for Public Works and Planning
Perit Chris Grech as representative

Mr Charles Dingli as representative

Malta Chamber of Commerc
Perit David Xuereb

Malta Developers Association
Mr Micheal Stivala as representative

Faculty for the Built Environment – University of Malta
Prof. Alex Torpiano as representative

Mr Paul Borg as representative

Central Bank of Malta
Ms Rita Schembri as representative

Malta Insurance Association
Mr Adrian J. Galea as representative

Chamber of Architects
Perit Andre Pizzuto as representative

Chamber of Engineers
Inġ Johan Psaila as representative

General Workers Union
Mr Jesmond Marshall as representative

Malta Chamber of SMEs
Mr Philip Fenech as representative

Malta Chambers of Construction Management
Mr Jesmond Chetcuti as representative

Union Ħaddiema Magħqudin
Mr Kenneth Abela as representative

Forum Union Maltin – F.O.R.U.M
Mr Bernard Ferry as representative

Sustainable Built Environment Malta (iSBEM)
Dr Ruben P. Borg as observer member

Malta Business Network UK
Mr David Harrison as observor member

Ms Denise Spiteri